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Last site updates




I am back ! :)

new : homemade 126 Vacuum tube Theremin




-New : Wide Range Plasma VU meter 120dB

-added two new DS7 pictures to the gallery


-added new DS8 pictures to the gallery


Quantix-8 MIDI editor v2.3

RSF SD140 MIDI editor v1.0

Main new features are:
- Audio engine to listen sounds
WAV files import /export /convert functions ... Enjoy :)


Today's Updates ...

- MCV876 firmware v3.06 released
Direct link to new features and fixed bugs here

Many thanks to Steven Thomas ( ) for his very complete beta test

- New PC config software for the MCV628 . It work again now !


New releases :

Quantix-8 editor software V2.0

Quantix-8 MIDI Remote Control Unit

MCV876 firmware v3.04 for PIC18F2320

MCV876 MIDI Remote Control Unit


MCV876 firmware update V3.03

This version fix a bug relative to the special NoteOff messages management of softwares like Sonar8 , Digital Performer ( Mac) , Reaper or some Edirol keyboards ...

- DS7 : new pictures added to the gallery.

- JH-FS1A description of the Quadrature VCO outputs expansion board.


Release of the CV-Sync LFO module with schematic,bom , pictures , sound clips etc etc ...
Completed the Quantix-8 PC Editor sofware HELP file , not yet finished indeed ...
Updated - DS8 and DS7 pages , new pictures and a FAQ !!!


Update: DS8 clone schematic, pcbs and web page . Revision 1.1 now ...

New : CV-Sync LFO module


Quantix-8 software V1.71 released.

Improved MIDI reception and added a parameter for the MIDI time out error delay ...


Update -interface MCV876: firmwares + config softwares v3.02 and v2.72


Quantix-8 software V1.70 released
+ 3 soundclips of the Quantix- 8 in sample play mode
front panel gallery !



-interface MCV876: Multi-channel firmware v3.01+ config software
-interface MCV32 : firmware v1.5 + config software.

-MIDI editor Yamaha DX/TX : the full version with MIDI edition of parameters...

Added pictures and links to the DS7 picture gallery


Quantix-8 software V1.69a released. Fractal Wavetable generator inside !


Quantix-8 construction manual updated ( v1.1a) with the C18 pcb 'bug' correction.

1/06/2008 Quantix-8 rev1.1 release ...
19/05/2008 two new demo sound samples and a video clip about the Quantix-8 check at the page's end.
16/05/2008 MIDI clock MC628 editor software link and files restaured !

-Release of the Quantix8 schematics and wavetable Editor Software for PC ! Try it, it 's freeware !
-Updated/completed web page ....

05/03/2008 -Quantix8 wavetable/quantizer added pictures and news !

Update 'Plasma' Vu-meter page ..

  • IN-9 important notes ...
  • pcb 2.1 BOM & schematic released
  • Pcb v2.1 is available to order now
24/11/2007 Update 'Plasma' Vu-meter page ... Pcb revision 2.1 available . New pictures


-Quantix8 wavetable/quantizer added pictures, soundclip, videoclip, and many other things...
-DS8 updated pictures....
-Bi-Phase clone v2 :added Mike Beigel's websitelinks


Updated the 'Plasma' Vu-meter page with the stereo version,IN9 and many other pictures....

12/07/2007 'Plasma' Vu-meter builded with IN13 tubes...
03/07/2007 - the Quantix8 page ... Preliminary work/infos release.

-Added many sounds samples to the Warp633 page

- upgraded the SD140 dumper to v0.3 . Many new features added to the software !

- Added DS7/8 pictures

08/02/2007 Updated the PCB service page informations

- the Extrapole DG page to transform a classic LP4P VCF into a powerful multi-function filter

- Added sound samples and front panel pictures to the Warp633 page


Added the chapter MIDI softwares who contain many homecoded MIDI editors with tons of good sounds in the library files ... Synths concerned are : SD140, Matrix 6, K5 and the SixTrak, DX/TX ( who already where here but a little bit hidden...)


- updated pages :

  1. The Quantix 8 project has been reported to a later date... Links removed temporaly..
  2. Added few notes (faq) to the MidiThruBox .
  3. MCV876 firmware updateV2.71 This firmware fixes few internal bugs encoutered by users of the previous versions ( MTC locators lock...) MagicBoot and sysex reception have been improved
    - new pages:
  1. Discrete 812 : Hi-end "little-big" mixing desk for DAWs- Just the summary and few pics for the moment...
  2. To drive V/Hz synths ( Korg MS ...) with a good accuracy here is the MCV876 12 bits upgrade


-few more features for the MCV876 : Gate outputs 1 to 4 are now assignable to any MIDI controlers or to any fixed note number ( MIDI note to Trigger/gate ) to drive analog drum synths for example... ...MCV876 Firmware revision 2.6z61 and PC config software revision is 2.61

- 2 new modules :

  1. ASM1 ultra VCO an improved ASM1 VCO clone ...
  2. Quantix8 ...Wavetable oscillator/Quantizer with memory editable by MIDI..

- More pictures added to the DS7 galery . Thank to all contributors


-Another important firmware update for the MCV876 . revision 2.6z5... Now the Pitch Bend Wheel can be assigned to drive any AuxCV outputs. A much awaited feature it seems ;) The PC config software has been updated too with many additional features ( Load/save config files , Save as sysex file , Pitch Bend ...)


Long time no update, so sorry ...

-A major firmware update for the MCV876 . revision 2.6z3... Certified "Bug free" now :) and the MCV876 page has been translated in english ...

The MCV876-4CV is also the interface choosen by Anyware-Instruments .de to fit the SEMtex 'XL' synthesizer , a great half modular clone of the famous SEM modules...

-New Pics and text updates for the Quad VCA module...

That's all for now, more to come ..



  1. Warp633 RingModulator Multiply and Divide analog signals
  2. QuadVCA/CV-Mixer a multi purpose module based on 4 VCAs
  3. DS8 Drum Synth Clone A DS7 with a noise generator and CV input!
  4. MIDI to CV computer/interface MCV32
  5. MCV876 4CV & polyphonic firmware V2.01 . Midi to CV interface
  6. MBPICPROG : hardware tool to program PIC16Fxx and serial eproms

Links are repaired on X2TS page...

18/04/2004 Added many pictures of new modules. A lot of text mistakles and broken links fixed too...
  1. PCBs for many devices are now available on order, logo .
  2. Polivoks VCF clone ! The Russian sound ...
  3. Mutron Bi-Phase Clone V2 now quite finished. Doc, pcbs, sounds...
  4. Synlib MIDI editor/library softwares for Sixtrak SCI .
  5. ASM1-X sound samples added ...

- 2 new projects : MCV876 MIDI to CV-Gate interface and OPAZ MIDI knob box
- add demo sound of the Mutron Biphase Clone V2
- add schematic and draw to the Papareil's Modular pages - ADSR & DBX-VCA mainly...
- add pictures to the DS7 clone page
- add better quality pictures of the X2TS
- many bad link regenerated ...and few other text mistake has been fixed.


-New pages Papareil's Modular , picture & sounds.
-New pictures in the X2TS page

-New Mutron Biphase clone V2


-add SynLib DX-TX pages and files ( sources , softwares, datas )
-modified a reference bug in the DS7 schematic LM324 replace TL084

4/02/2003 2 little bugs fixed in MCV628 firmware ( table notes) and the PC editor
31/01/2003 Add MIDI to PIC page
29/01/2003 Add Negative Gate firmware to the MCV628 page ( for Korg MS synths)...Fixed a bug in the fimware v1.10 ( no flash eprom write ...)

Changed name of the MDI2CV-628 , it is now MCV628
Updated firmware of the MCV628 ( 48 notes table, sysex...) and added PC config software .


Added MIDI2CV-628 interface and updated the MIDI3CV page.
Repaired broken links ( X2-TS sounds )


The entire site interface has been relooked, this page restart from zero.
also updated:
-New version of the PC config software for the MIDI3CV and the MC628. is available. ( install, packaging, minor bugs fixed)
-Added pictures of the MC628 installed in a Korg SQ10 sequencer