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Analog Modular Synthesizer




Builded with a mix of "official" kits and many other home designed modules.

Kits modules are Synthesis Technology MOTM and Sequencer + Quantiser white modules come from Analogic-ACS . So front panel format is 5U style with "Moog like" knobs...

For DIY modules described here, all pcbs are 100% home made. Front panel are made by Schaeffer in Germany, FPD files are provided for most of modules... I use Alco knobs, Spectrol, Bourns or Sfernice pots, Switchcraft jacks, but unlike most of MOTM users , all logic signals plugs are 4mm bananas ( gates,triggers, etc ...).

The power supply is +/-15Vdc, with MTA156 connectors.

Modules are enclosed in pinewood cabinets with PSU and MIDI plugs on the rear side.

DIY modules

Schematics & pcbs are my own designs or updated clones of vintage gears . Many were adapted to add extra features and widely tested/ trimmed to fit with MOTM standards ( +/-5Vpp signal. 1V/oct CV) . Note : some modules can contain "obsolete" or special components (SSM, opto cells,etc ...). You may not consider building those modules without a serious source for those special parts.


J.H. Interpolating Scanner . Linear envelope generators. Hi-quality audio VCAs (THAT2150A). Companion module for MOTM410 filter Dual optical phasor module . Clone of the Mutron Biphase. Polyvoks VCF Synthacon VCF WARP633 Ring Modulator Quad VCA/CV-Mixer

  • Dual ADSR Linear envelope generator
  • Quad VCA Multi purpose 4 VCA/CV-Mixer module
  • Dual VCA Hi-quality audio VCAs module
  • Biphase Clone V2 Dual optical phasor module. Clone of the famous Mutron Biphase
  • Polivoks VCF Clone of the famous vintage russian synthesizer
  • Warp633 Ring Modulator/Wave warper based on the AD633



Some schematics are inspired at different degrees by third party DIYer work, so i do not provide schematics/pcb they are already on the web ...Just pictures of my realisation , description of modifications, and a link to the web site of their respective authors. Thanks to them !


Control modules

MCV876 MIDI to CV/gate interface

TM116 Sequencers and 16 bits Quantiser module by Analogic ACS



Last update 06/2009