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Synthacon VCF




It is a clone of the Steiner-Parker Synthacon filter, a vintage monophonic analog synthesizer. The core of this filter is a diode ladder with 3 mode input jacks ( LP,BP,HP) and one output . Inputs can be used simultaneously producing amazing filtering effects, close from a sweet phasor. Used separatly with different sound source this filter act as a combination of a 3 voice interpolating scanner with different filtered inputs .The filter self oscillate with the resonance pot set at approx 2/3.

The schematic i have used is available at Ken Stone web site, i have just applied following changes.

  • Added a reversible input CV attenuator, zero centered .
  • Replaced the pair of 2N2222 by a 2N2223 dual transitor, just for fun and because i had many in stock ... Pcb footprint is compatible with both...
  • Gain level resistor has been set to 470k to get enougth output level.
  • The pcb has been redrawned to fit with 3 pots "Stooge" brackets from Larry Hendry . The pcb is single side .

You can download here the "Schaeffer Front Panel " file i made for this filter... Synthacon filter 1U front panel (fpd)

A zoom on the 2N2223...




Sound samples recorded directly at the output of my Synthacon VCF module. All in mp3 and no other artifacts...





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