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MIDI Hardware




MIDI Remote Control Unit MCV876-RC and Quantix-8 MRC
to edit MCV876 or Quantix-8 parameters by MIDI sysex

MIDI to CV-Gate interface MCV876
Firmware for PIC18F - 40MHz with Multi and Poly 2/4 voices play modes v3.06 !
4 CV + 6 Gate assignable outputs. Config by MIDI sysex.
Mono / Poly or multichannel modes, Pitch Bend,Midi clock, MIDI learn
MIDI to CV interface

MIDI to CV-Gate interface MCV628
1CV Pitch+ 1CV Aux + Gate -Config by MIDI sysex, MIDI learn

MIDI Clock to Pulse/ Trigg Converter MIDI Clock converter MC628
Convert MIDI Clock to Pulse signal to sync MIDI and analog seq, drum boxes

CV-computer/ MIDI Interface MCV32
32CV MIDI to CV interface with 16 inputs CV , 87 logic I/O ports , LCD etc ....


MIDI Patch Bay unit MIDI Patch Bay
MIDI input 8 to 1 selector and merger. 8 MIDI output distributor. Insert PRE/POST merge for master sequencer.

MIDI Thru Box 1 to n
Basic but useful MIDI schematic ...



MIDI Software



RSF SD140 Dumper - sample dumper
SynLib OBERHEIM Matrix 6/6R - complete editor
SynLib S.C.I. Sixtrak - complete editor
SynLib KAWAI K5/K5R - dumper
SynLib YAMAHA DX7-TX7-TX816 - complete editor


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