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Interface MIDI-CV MCV32




The MCV32 is a MIDI to CV interface with 32 CV outputs. Mainly thinked to be driven by a set of assignable MIDI controlers this boards can be adapted to many various situations and more with a little bit of code... A basic firmware with PC config software to assign MIDI controlers to CV outputs is provided .

MCV32 features :

  • 1 to 32 CVoutputs (8bits // DAC + analog multiplex + S&Hs )
  • 1 to 16 CV inputs( 10bits ADC)
  • MIDI IN and OUT
  • 3 ports série pour les E/S digitales
  • LCD Screen
  • PIC 16F877( 20MHz)
  • MIDI sysex messages to edit all parameters
  • MIDI config software for PC Windows ( all versions)
  • Flash memory to keep parameters after a power off
  • CV output range 0..10V by default (adjustable)
  • Gate Level = TTL/CMOS ( 0/+5V )
  • PSU = +/-12V or +/-15V DC



Schema & pcb ...

The MCV32 cpu is a PIC 16F877(A)at 20MHz with a DAC08302 ( 0830,0831..).The referenbce voltage is provided by a TL431 , adjustable from 5 to 12.5V ... Two 4067 are used for the 32 voices analog multiplex stage who drive the same number of S&Hs . Hi quality capacitors are required for S&H stages...

Free PIC ports available are wired to many utility devices like. The basic setup of recognised devices depends of the firmware version.

MCV32 Interface Schematic (pdf)



The main piece of code, the brain of the interface. Each firmware (*.hex) have his own MIDI config PC software (*.exe). Burn the Hex file into a PIC and use the config software to setup parameters.

Download the MCV32 firmware V1.5 + PC config software (327kB)

Firmware 1.5 requirements :

      • 4 push buttons with 4k7 load resistors on PIC ports A1,A2,A4, B2
      • 8 pots with 4051 mux (option )
      • LCD screen on PIC port B (option)


Project under construction.
Please be patient...

Thanks !

More to come..

Last update 08/2008

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