The SynLib DX-TX software is a MIDI editor/Library for YAMAHA DX7-TX7-TX816 synthesizers
Originaly written for ATARI ST (Turbo C) and Falcon 030 (Pure C ) computers in early 90's, i have re- written the code for PC under Windows few years ago (97 or 98 ) with Borland C++ builder v1.0

The SynLib DX-TX editor work with a global library of approx 15000 DX sounds. It is still possible to transform this library in a large set of DX/TX banks (32 sounds per banks - functions or performances are optionnal )

The ATARI ST version work well under the STEEM emulator for PC Sources can be compiled and modified with this ST emulator.

Atari Falcon 030 versions and sources are available on request only. It is an evolution of the ST version working in 16 colors or b&w, compiled for 68020/30 processors with Pure C .

ST and Falcon030 SynLib softwares are released in 2 versions : a Library editor ( the big editor) and a lighter editor who can work as an accessory ( by renaming it in *.ACC ) It allow graphical edition under your favorite sequencer ( Cubase /Notator...) while the sequencer is running . It was a very useful feature to edit sounds in "real time".

The PC version of the DX-TX editor

  1. SynLib DX-TX library sound file

It also work with a customized TX816 rack : the MIDI input selector of the TX816 is automated with MIDI controler n°20 on a predefined channel . See The MIDI function they forgot on the TX816 !

A word about the large sound library and sound bank data format :

-Sounds in the library files are in a DX7 compressed bulk data format + 1 byte config
-Banks are in Steinberg and native DX7 format, with or without Performance included depending software setting.




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