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IPS8 Interpolating Scanner




It is theJurgen Haible schematic with minor changes. To learn more about this module visit his web site...

It is a very polyvalent and powerful module. Inputs accept any kind of signals dc or ac. The Interpolating Scanner is a module between CV-mixer, waveshaper, multipoint envelope and far cousins of CV-sequencers . All at the same time but none of them exactly...

It is a great tool to mix/fade filters or VCO outputs, to process CVs or to use as a waveform shaper with the "offset mode" or as a multipoint envelope or 8 points CV shaper. The scanner can be modulated at audio rates.

The Scan knob is the manual scan of the VCAs . All others small knobs are inputs attenuators for VCAs and up/down modulations. Red leds shows open VCAs. The offset mode switch inject a calibrated dc voltage into all VCA inputs

I did not follow exactly MOTM front panel standarts : the IPS8 panel size is 2.5Ux5U. Metal bracket is homemade.




Sound files (mp3)

Here are sounds recorded directly at the IPS8 output. Inputs are connected to a stereo CD player and to VCFs outputs. 3VCOs produce tones , filtered by 440 and 410 MOTM VCFs. The IPS is modulated by the 4th VCO and the LFOs of the MOTM 410 VCF. No other module used. It is direct live sound !

  1. IPS mod rate test (595K)
  2. IPS loop (298k)
  3. Quench remix a la sauce IPS8 part 1 (238k)





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