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Dual Linear CV-ADSR



The Dual ADSR module is adapted from the "EnvyLope" schematic of Mr Aaron Cram. This envelope generator design use the "J.Haible 4 transistors core". It is a Linear Envelope Generator, with voltage control. No OTA,CMOS, TTL,555, inside. 4 state leds shows each step of the ADSR.

Unlike the original schematic, my idea was to build a simple linear (CV) ADSR module. Not a multimode beast ... So this version do not work as an LFO, and CV control inputs are wired to potentiometers only . No external CVIN, this will be for the next time ! It is rather easy to add anyway with an extra " pcb patch..."

Envelope outputs are available on Jacks 6.35, direct (+) and inverse (-). The "INV" switch is a to add offset to keep the inverse (-) signal in positive domain.

The envelope output level is internaly trimmable. There is also 3 trimers to setup range times of stages A,D and R . They are not very obvious to tune ... 10/25 turns stable cermets advised... Envelope times are ranged from fast ( <5ms) to very long (> 3 mins).

Logic i/o are bananas plugs. It is a personal choice , you can use jacks as well ...They are from left to rigth.

  1. GATE IN = 0/+5V standart with 2.5V threshold
  2. TRIGGER IN = to reset the ADSR cycle at any time
  3. SUSTAIN GATE OUT: output a positive gate
    only when the ADSR is in sustain mode . Very
    useful to link many envelopes for more complex
    EG shapes.

Note : If nothing is connected to the GATE/TRIG input " the ADSR is Sustain Mode" : EG outputs send a dc voltage set by the sustain knob. Act as a manual CV pot with direct and inverse CV present at the EG output jacks ... The Sustain Gate out is Hi level ...



Here are changes i have applied on Aarons Cram's Envylope schematic:

  1. - removed the exp mode
  2. -Gate/trig in/out are now positive only ( range 0..+15V )
  3. - threshold set at approx 2.5V ( it can be set to any value anyway..)
  4. -Add output calibration stage and a reverse+offset output.
  5. -Add Low impedance potentiometers voltage source.
  6. - modified constant values in CV input paths.
  7. -Add buffer to sustain CV input

and may be other details ...

Dual ADSR Schematics

The transistor core work well enough even with unmatched transistors. I have now builded 2 modules (= 4 EGs) , and tuned them to produce quite similar time constants. They seem to be quite stable ... I have tested with matched and unmatched cores and the difference is not really critical ...but i have finaly choose to implement matched cores anyway ... I use BC550/560 for transistors all coming from the same batch... TL072 and LM324 aops...

Here are scope pictures of the Dual envelope outputs.
Note : on the rigth it is the negative output signal without offset.The scope offset this trace to be = 0V set to the top of the screen.


Front Panel

-Dual ASDR front panel FPD of pictured panels in Schaeffer format...



Dual Linear ADSR pcbs set + Construction Manual
are available on order




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