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MBPICPROG - PIC programmer




To program all Serial EEproms 24Cxx and PIC Microcontrolers series 10/12/16/18


  • Based on the David TAIT design .
  • Require an LPT port .
  • Compatible WinPIC , IC prog


Schematic (pdf) and pcb(gif)



- The ICSP jumper J3 is not implemented forget it .
- U7 must be mounted on solder side missing space upside, so take care to respect the 7808 orientation
- Use only TO220 regulators . do not use TO92 ones !
- There is 3 strap wire to solder on this pcb ... Do not forget them!
- The jumper JP1 must be set on . You can also solder a strap here . Leave JP2 and JP3 open.
- U1 is a 7407 ... It is also possible to use a 7406 but then config bits must be reversed in the hardware config page of ICPROG or WinPIC

Power supply must be at least 14V DC or a bit more !!!

How to use it :

The prommer must be connected to the paralllel port of the PC computer with a DB25/DB25 cable.
Use ICPROG 1.05 with the hardware config setup as shown below.

Note : If ICPROG v1.04 is used , the programmer combo box must be set on "TAIT parallel programmer " because of a bug in ICPROG 1.04...

About onboard leds :

Green led ON = all is OK , you can insert a PIC on any socket
Yellow led ON = the VPON ( voltage for programming ) is activated
RED Led ON = the PIC chip is powered , Do not insert a PIC chip if red led activated





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