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Quantix-8 MIDI Editor

Here is the software to edit the wavetable and to control the Quantix-8 by MIDI . This software include many advanced features to manage wavetables, samples or to generate waveforms. Can be used independantly, without the Quantix-8 module, to edit binary or Wave 8bits audio files. Require a MIDI device port installed on the PC to run .


1900 x 1200 screen picture - Clic to enlarge


Download the

Quantix-8 Editor v2.3
for Window XP/Seven ( compressed rar - 712k )


New features rev 2.3

- no more need of external dll to run the software ...
- Audio core to listen to the sound. 8bits-mono-8000 to 48000KHz
- Sample editor with *.WAV files management ( import, save, etc ...)
- µLaw and Linear conversion
- Presets to setup the Quantix basic configurations.
- MIDI handshake transmission for firmware revision >1.46 only
- Many minor bugs fixed and code optimisation ...

previous version :
Quantix-8 Editor v2.1

Use at your own risk ;)





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