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CV-Quantizer/Wavetable Osc
Synoptics and front panels
Schematics, BOM, tech infos
pcb and Assembly
Basic patches
MIDI implementation
Sound and Video Clips
To purchase PCB, parts,etc...
Thanks !
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Special thanks to ...

  • Grant Richter - Wiard Synthesizers : for his unvaluable direct and indirect contribution to the Quantix-8 project.
    The structure of his famous and superbly designed MINIWAVE module ( eprom based Quantizer/Wavetable Osc)
    has been one of the main inspiration source.

  • Gur Milstein from TipTop Audio Thanks for 'all kind of things' support over time !

  • The hardware beta testers team :
      1. Rob Keeble - Emulator archive.(Uk)
      2. Raphael aka 'Le Marquis' , Paris (Fr).
      3. Gur Milstein & Sean (USA)- TipTop Audio
      4. Louis van Dompselaar (NL): Rev1.1 pcb bug detection and various PC MIDI hardware test!

  • All first hour project supporters: Raphael, Rolland S, ManuManu, Ricardo Del PooLP, Sylvain,...
  • And all other kind persons who have contributed a way or another to this module development...


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