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CV-Quantizer/Wavetable Osc
Synoptics and front panels
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Basic patches
MIDI implementation
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Demo sounds & videos...

Wavetable oscillator:

CV-Quantizer :

  1. Analog seq ->cv-quantizer->Asmvco.mp3

  2. LFO tri->cv-quantizer->1/Voct VCO...

    1. arpeges1.mp3
    2. arpeges4.mp3
    3. telefon.mp3
    4. arpeges3.mp3 this sound clip use one TM116 sequencer to CV-select a set of transposed scales into the Quantix-8 . Both are controled by a slow upsaw LFO ( ms20). The Quantix-8 output go to the 1V/Oct input of a MOTM300... Modulated Polivoks just behind with a little bit of reverb ...

Sample Player, 8bits LoFi !!!


To play samples the Quantix adress counter is driven by the GATE INPUT pulsed by an external VCO . I have also plugged a low jitter Word Clock and it worked fine too...Anyway no need of a fixed clock here! It is so fun to drive it with a fast VCO and listen to all those bytes 'crunching'

Here are two soundclip, made with one Quantix-8 . Sounds have been digitized using an RSF SD140 at a very lofi quality and sample rate then transmitted to the Quantix8 by midi...Sound is recorded directly at the Quantix-8 output while i am turning the vcos knobs...
Please be aware that samples bellow were played with an early firmware version
The actual firmware is MUCH better , faster and stabe !

  1. Quantix8-Sample player demo1a. mp3 (1.8M)
  2. Quantix8-Sample player demo1b. mp3 (0.8M) the ZERO/RESET logic input is triggered by a second VCO slow pulse to replay/set sample duration...

Here are two other clips with the Quantix-8 used to play 32,samples each assigned to a note on the MIDI keyboard. The wavetable contain various 8 bits drum samples i had under the hand... It is also possible to play long samples using short ones maps . In this case the sample is 'cut' in parts of the map size and each one is playable independantly. It is great to cut drumloops and play /loop each measure in different order ..

Into the first sound clip i just play with the midi keyboard to trigg samples . The second file show the map cut /loop effect on long samples... No musical pretentions at all here ! Thanks !

Here are 3 soundclips still in sample player mode but sound samples are coming from 16/44 wav files cleanly converted to raw/bin files with a sound editor (Wavelab to not name it ...) . The sound is recorded directly at the modular output ...

  1. splbeats_direct1.mp3 ( Patch = QTX8 only)
  2. spl_diverbeatfilter1.mp3 (Patch =QTX8 + Polyvoks VCF )
  3. spl_egimbardvcf.mp3 (Patch =QTX8+Synthacon VCF


Video clips

Here are links to YouTube videos of various prototype of the Quantix-8 ...Please notice that video clips have been made with a very cheap, poor quality web cam, who do not record sound ...


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