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Special features



MIDI CLock + divider :

If activated , the MIDI Clock increase an internal counter assignable to :

  1. wave selector
  2. bank selector
  3. GATE plug set as an output, with adjustable  pulse duration, set by the Trigger Time parameter ...
  4. sample position :
    in this mode, the fast ADC ( lsb adresses)  is disabled and replaced by the midiclock 8 bits internal counter. The Quantix-8 play the analog voltage corresponding to the value contained at this adress. It is a. Sequences lengh is also set by the Loop parameter ( 1..255). The GATE Output pulse at each counter increment. The Quantix-8 is then a
    256 step MIDI sequencer w
    ith 2048 real time editable and CV/MIDI/Gate selectable sequences


Gate IN modes :

    Like with the Midi clock, the GATE plug is set by sysex to be a logic input with a counter assignable to :

    1. wave selector
    2. bank selector
    3. sample position : The PIC take control of all latches/adresses (A0..A18) and count adresses using two kind of internal counters : 8 bits and 18 bits. Counters are incremented at each pulse present on the GATE input. It is quite similar to the MIDI clock modes, but with the GATE input to increase counters instead.

      In this mode , if clocked by low freq pulses, the Quantix-8 is a
      256 steps CV-sequencer driven by external pulses with 2048 CV/MIDI selectable sequences. If the LFO is replaced by a VCO, it is a wavetable oscillator again, but driven by a pulse counter !

    Logic external and internal counter reset are available. In this mode, the counter max value is 256 steps, but the loop lengh can be set with the internal Reset limit parameter ( selectable from 1 to 255) or at any time by the external ZERO plug.



The Sample player mode using the internal 18 bits adress counter

A 18bits range allow to scan the entire 4Mbits memory continuously and so to play long samples.

The memory is mapped in 6 selectables modes from 32 samples of 16kB each up to 1 big sample of 512kB....The memory map can be changed while the Quantix-8 is playing the sample. This modify the sample loop max lengh too...

The ZERO logic input is wired to the PIC port RA2. This TTL logic input is used to reset the adress counter at any time. Very useful to loop the sample before it reach the end, or to trigg it to start in sync with a VCA/EG, to emulate a classic sampler but with full CV/gate control

Different samples ( up to 32) are called by sending the usual 'bank' MIDI controlers number or they can also be assigned to midi note number to trigg/reset samples like with a sample drum machine

Tip of the day If the VCO is replaced by a LFO pulse to clock the GATE input and depending the sample map the Quantix-8 is a (1 x 524288 ) up to (32 x 16384) steps CV-Sequencer with MIDI sequence selection.


MIDI to CV Mode

In this mode the Quantix-8 receive MIDI notes On/Off messages and send the result to CV/Gate outputs through the SRAM The received note value is transcoded by the selected scale/waveform.

To get a 1V/Oct response a chromatic scale must be used.

Other Midi to CV features are :

  • Retrigger mode to fire the gate for each note played
  • Reference Note to set the lowest MIDI note number
  • MIDI running status and Last Played Note stack.


Marc BAREILLE © 2005-2010