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CV-Quantizer/Wavetable Osc
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The Quantix-8 pcb is hi quality, RoHS, double side with silkprint and metal holes. Size is 0.550 x 4.375" . MOTM 5U compatible format . MTA156 psu connector and Spectrol 148/149 or 248/249 series potentiometers onboard.

Download the Quantix-8 rev1.1b Construction Manual (pdf- 647kB)
include all schematics ,BOM , assembly notes and calibration, etc...
revised 01-2011.

Also visit Quantix-8 page
contain very good tips, helpful fixes and very nice pictures
Good work Dave - Thank you


Quantix-8 Pcbs + programmed PIC chips are available on order.


Front panels

Download the Quantix-8 front panel template
( fpd file-Front Panel Designer format)

The virtual thing
And the real one


I have added a trimmer on the panel to set the input level,. It is an option like to add more controls to the fast ADC input, another input jack summed with the first one, attenuator or bias pots pots, etc, etc ...

MIDI DIN plugs :

There is no MIDI plugs on the real panel because MIDI is internaly wired into my modular cabinet... It is also possible to use only one DIN plug for In and Out : Wire a normal MIDI IN on pins 4&5 and a MIDI OUT wire to pins 1&3 ...2 still go to ground. Make an Y wire the same way, to adapt to normal two plugs MIDI I/Os.

ZXD banana plug

The zero crossing detector stage logic output. Not implementer on pictured panels ...


Quantix-8 front panels gallery

The Quantix-8 module is designed for MOTM ( 5U ) panels. But it is quite easy to adapt it to other modular synthesiser formats . Here are panels provided by Quantix-8 builders .

Pala's fractal B/W panels

Dual Quantix-8 panel (3U rack) by Poolp


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