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Assembly, soldering & other tips




A.1 How to solder a double side pcb without metal holes ?

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1) Prepear the board to solder VIA = hole who link two tracks on different sides but who are not a component leg hole. Generaly i use resistors legs ( i always keep them when i solder resistors) Put the pcb on a small foam support , 0.5cm heigh is enough , but do not mask via holes with the support. Insert resistors legs.
2) Solder resistors legs on this side ...
3) Ply them at 90° , this will avoid they unsolder and fall down when you will solder them on the other side..
4)Turn back your pcb and solder all the vias on this side
5)Cut extra length of legs


VERY IMPORTANT : Check if you did not forget to solder a via and if solders are good ( use a ohmeter) . It can be hard to modify some of them when pcb will be populated. A very accurate work is rtequired here !

Put ICs sockets before resistors. It is highly advised to use sockets on this kind of pcb.
Inclinated the pcb the approx +60° , it gives you an easier access to socket legs. Solder only two opposite legs on each socket , so you can still adjust their position to be perfecly in place. Now you can solder the "components side" sockets pins. See pictures.

For information, pictured pcbs are Quad VCA (released version) and MCV32 (final prototype ) boards.




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