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General description
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Original ASM-1 LFO is disconnected, all components removed : it produce unwanted modulations on VCOs. Instead i use a homemade LFO modified version of the VC-LFO of the Formant  Book2. This new LFO provide 8 waveforms : Sine , triangle, Square , PWM pulse (+/-), Saw up, Saw down, SH noise, noise. The LFO frequency and the waveform selection are voltage controled.If the LFO waveform is "Pulse" the incoming modulation CV is a PWM of the pulse. The ASM-1X contain a pair of this LFO. Both are wired to the matrix so cross modulation is possible.

Schematic of the VC-LFO (gif)

  • Use common parts but require matched diodes for nice sine waveform.
  • LF411 on scheme is replaced by 741...TL084 by LM324...
  • Noise and Random signals are provided by the ASM1 Noise module.
  • Trimmed to be very slow and can be stopped if FM pot  is set on 0.
  • Fast speeds can be reached using CV -> matrix input B10 ( B11)



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