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MUTRON BiPhase Vintage


The Mutron Biphase is a legendary phasor pedal, designed by Mike Beigel along with Aaron Newman at Musitronics USA in about 1973-4..

. Here are pictures and other material i had in my folders about of this great phasor box and Musitronic's
here are much more informations available at the official Musitronics website



      This customised vintage is featured with a manual/pedal pot mounted is a box directly on the Pedal wire plug .

The famous and so mysterious pedal, i say that because without the vintage do not work !
It is two simple switches to connect 2 wires to ground or leave the circuit open ...

Here is the rear panel of another vintage .
On this Bi-Phase there is an extra jack , it is a CV control input replacing the Pedal ...
Great to drive the phasor from any modular source ...


Some Musitronic's advertising materials . Clic on pictures to enlarge.

More infos about Musitronics at